Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More messing around with Photoshop, this time using a ton of layers and blending options. Too many squiggly lines, but I enjoyed making this one. It's also a little patriotic for those of you Americans.Once again, I'm always open for tips and advice :) I appreciate the comments

More Photoshop attempts

I can definitely say I've learned a lot of little tricks and understanding to how some Photoshop magic is done. I won't say i'm anywhere near professional or good at this, but I'm proud of how my work is turning out so far. I am completely open to tips, hints or even recommendations by anyone! Just leave me a comment :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Seems I forgot to mention I have a YouTube account! You'll find some of my work, fooling around and just random videos there. Video games, some music, the works. Check it out some time ;)




Just dabbling with Photoshop, very new to this program as well... took me a good hour but I figured some tricks out, with the help of a guide or two ;) . Maybe I'll stick to planets for a bit. Suggestions?


Completely forgot about this blog.. I had a lot to say and do, but I'm gonna get back on track with this. It's time for my re-entry to the blogging world.